Wood Smoked Meats 

    Prices are Subject to Change


Pulled Pork Sandwich -4.65-

Topped With BBQ Sauce and Slaw 

Pulled Chicken Sandwich -4.95-

Topped With BBQ Sauce and Slaw

Pulled Brisket Sandwich -7.35-

Topped With BBQ Sauce and Slaw 

Wild Sammy's

The Wild Hog -7.45-

Pulled Pork, Bacon, Slaw, Onion Rings, 

and BBQ Sauce. Served On a Kaiser Bun


The Brisket Bully -9.85-

This Sammy Beats All Others With Tasty Smoked Provolone,

Slaw, Onion Rings, and BBQ Sauce.

Served On a Kaiser Bun

The Wild Chick -7.95-

Smoked Pulled Chicken, Bacon, Slaw

Onion Rings, and your Choice Of BBQ Sauce,

Honey Mustard, Or Ranch Dressing. Served On a Kaiser Bun


-Add a Side and Drink for only 3.95 more

1/3lb Smoked Burger or 1/4lb Franks

The Old Fashioned  -4.95-

Topped with Ketchup, Mustard, Onion, and Relish

The Carolina  -5.95-

Topped with Chili, Slaw, and Mustard

Smokehouse -6.95-

Cheddar-Jack, Bacon, Onion Rings,& BBQ Sauce 

Add a Side and Drink for only 3.95 more

Whole Jumbo Smoked Wings 

Tossed in Buffalo Seasoning

- Served Crispy -

Mild, Hot and BBQ available

Ranch -0.75-

Number Of Wings

2.25/ Per Wing  5 Wings- 9.95 

10 Wings-19.50  20 Wings-37.00  

30 Wings- 52.50  40 Wings- 66.00

Or More!!

Call ahead for availability for Larger Orders

4 Wing Meal -8.95-

Comes with a Side 

     Out Until Further Notice 

 Sorry For Any Inconvenience


Served with your choice of 2 Sides,

BBQ Sauce and 2 Hush-puppies

Pulled Pork -9.95-

Sliced Beef Brisket -14.65-

Pulled Chicken -10.70-


Single -2.65-  Half Pound -3.49-  Per Pound -6.45-

Wicked Baked Beans

We start with Bushes Best Baked Beans and add Onions,

Apples, and Various Spices to make

our Beans Wickedly Delicious!


Fresh Cut Fries

Idaho's Best Potato’s, cut in House every day


Creamy Slaw

Diced Cabbage tossed in a sweet creamy dressing

with a hint of vinegar

Potato Salad
Mustard based dressing with sweet
red peppers, onion and celery
Country Style Green Beans

Cooked with Bacon, Onions, 

and Various Spices

Creamy Mac & Cheese

Fried Okra

Deep Fried and Seasoned with Lawry's

Mashed Potatoes
Served With Brown Gravy,
Or Our Homemade Chicken Gravy

           Bowls     -7.45-

Chicken and Rice Bowl

Smoked, Pulled Chicken, On a Bed of Rice,

 Smothered With Homemade Chicken Gravy.

Served With 2 Hush-puppies

BBQ/Mac & Cheese Bowl

Smoked Pulled Pork, With Creamy Mac & Cheese, 

Topped With Our Homemade BBQ Sauce,

Served With 2 Hush-puppies 

BBQ/ Baked Bean Bowl
Smoked Pulled Pork, With Fresh Baked Beans,
Topped With Our Homemade BBQ Sauce,
Served With 2 Hush-puppies

More From the Smoker

                                    1/2 LBS                 Per LBS

     Pulled Pork          6.50          11.95        

     Pulled Chicken       6.95          12.95             Sliced Brisket        11.75        22.95            

 1/2 Chicken (After 4 pm)         -8.60-

Try a Sampler

With All 4

Tater Skins

For Only 9.95!!

Finger Foods

                     Krispy Tater Skins

Loaded With Cheese and Bacon   -1.75- Each

          With Pork                -2.75- Each

          With Chicken            -2.95- Each

          With Brisket            -3.95- Each

Family Style Meals


Family BBQ Meal

          Feeds 2                     Feeds 4 

          -19.95-                    -39.90-

  1 pound of Pulled Pork and          2 pounds of Pulled Pork and

      3, 1/2 pound Sides                    3, 1 pound Sides

Comes with a Squeeze Bottle of BBQ Sauce

and Hush-Puppies

Family Sandwich Meal That Feeds 4


1 pound of Pulled Pork and two, 1-pound Sides

Comes with 4 buns, 4 Slaw Toppers, and 4 Small BBQ Sauces

That's Only $6.24 Per Person!!

Substitute Meat (by the half pound)

Chicken - 0.50

Brisket - 2.50


      Buckeye Brownies              -2.95-

       Two brownies with peanut butter in between,

      drizzled with Chocolate and White Chocolate Syrup


Sweet/Unsweet Tea, Lemonade, Pepsi Products


1/2 Gallon of Tea or Lemonade -2.50-

Bottled Water -1.00-


6 Newfound Rd, Asheville, NC 28748 


Corner of New Leicester Hwy and Newfound Rd


Tuesday - Saturday

11am - 8pm

or til the BBQ runs out!​​


For same or next day orders call us at (828) 505-7824

For catering info e-mail us at


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